Diego Moyua


Through the window, between lights and shadows, I watched time go by…

It all began for me on the night of the 17th of November 1970 when I came into the world in a small town called Oñati. Now I do not live there, but my fondest memories are still hidden within its streets and mountains. I am a citizen of the world who knows where he comes from and where will he head towards.

I'm not sure what I should tell you, I could be sarcastic, mysterious, derisive, to appear crazy as if wanting to eat the world, like a passionate and bohemian artist, as a solitary dandy lover of women, as a free spirit who questions everything, but without a precedent, because nothing is as it seems, I feel like a bit of sin in sincerity.

To start with I consider myself a lucky person, who knows what he wants in life, and most importantly, knows how to get it. Above all I appreciate what have and I walk through
life knowing that above all things that can happen in these moments, my priority is not to be separated from the love of my life. Nothing that has happened to me until today is
comparable with the sense of fulfillment that I feel when love is with me. Everything works by itself.

Painting is my passion, I have had the word “artist” inscribed under my skin since I was a child. It is my life, and for my experience I can say that without it, I feel dying slowly.

Anyone who says he believes knows, he is completely wrong, because I am amazed every day shedding the previous day and giving me new opportunities. I can have thousands of faces, or just one, but you won’t know if you don’t know me. Try to see my work, so you will know something more about me, and after a few days it is stilll in your mind, return to this page, contact me and tell me whatever you want. If it is something negative or you think it might that hurt me, do it, because for me the most important thing is to communicate, after each one can fight with our own ego.