Diego Moyua

If your imagination is the department of your mind responsible for making your plans, the magic consists of make them desirable.

Each painting that I paint is a goal to fulfil and when I finish it is a wish fulfilled.

Painting consists of opening zippers, discovering new horizons, feeding concerns and above all, the enjoyment of just being able to do it.

Whatever you do feel proud, if besides you paint, feel wholesome.

Think about what really satisfies you. You know that without water the body is consumed, but without thirst, our spirit dies. Don’t think about what you drink, only about what quenches your thirst.

Painting is life itself, for dreams to come true, only paint your dreams.

Recent works


Essence Woman Collages
Photography studio

My individual search for the truth began with awakening my senses and lifting the soul to the air. Then came the Age of the Renaissance and the beginning of a long journey with experience and knowledge to get the eternal wisdom of someone who wants to realize his dream.

Now that I live a dream of reality, I want to transmit the change that has meant for my work, the discovery of the Female Essence as the most important part of my existence, the most vital and one that can achieve everything.

As a result of this, the woman, who has always been present in my art, becomes the centre of my work, the muse who speaks through my hands and intends to return to women's dignity and their place rightfully own. With my art I intend to bring my new vision to the world, for a change that only female essence is able to obtain.

nire mezua nire mezua nire mezua

Last exhibitions

Abartium collection of temporary art in Galería Restaurant El Racó d'en Pep Vicken (Barcelona). January- February of 2014.

Abartium collection of temporary art in Galería Hotel Restaurant Picasso de Torruella de Montgrí (Girona). January- February of 2014.

From 14th to 31st of January of 2013 ABARTIUM collection of contemporary art in LA ENCARTADA museum in Balmaseda (Bizkaia).

From 31st of May to 31st of June, Exhibition in PERE CASALDALIGA gallery.

From 16th to 29th of January 2012, Exhibition in Lobiano palace of Ermua (Bizkaia).

From 16th to 30th of September 2011, Exhibition in Torrebillela Mungia (Bizkaia).

From 21st to 26th of July 2011, Exhibition in the Contemporary Art Fair "ARTEANDO" (Ficoba-Irun)

Along April, May, June and July of 2011, Exhibition in the Circuit Artistic SYK (Barcelona).

From 21st of January to 6th of February 2011, Exhibition in Oreka Art Gallery (Gipuzkoa).

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